Amazing Manicures At Home

When it comes to manicures at home, we could all use a helping hand. These step-by-step photo guides will help you become a manicure master. With a few simple tricks and tools, perfect nails at home are just within reach. If you’ve struggled with do-it-yourself manicures in the past, and looking to save money by doing your nails at home then this will clear up a lot of misconceptions about proper nail care. Invite a few friends over and create your own spa day!

1. Invest in the proper tools.
via Nail Art For Beginners

2. Decide what kind of nail shape you want, and what would work best for your lifestyle.
via Eye Heart Polish

3. Remove any existing polish. You can use lemon juice, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol as natural (and affordable!) nail polish remover.
via Budget Savvy Diva

4. Create this easy nail polish remover jar with a sponge and the nail polish remover of your choice.

5. Or, if you have stubborn gel polish follow these steps to remove it. Soak gauze in acetone and then wrap the gauze and tin-foil around each nail. After 5-7 minutes, the gel polish should come off easily.
via At Home in the Northwest

6. Before applying polish, use vaseline around the edge of your nails to easily clean-up the edges later. Be careful to not get vaseline on the actual nail or else the polish won’t stick.
via Tips For Her

7. Learn how to properly apply polish.
via Lacquerized

8. The basic manicure.

9. It’s important to take care of your nails
via / MC Spa Orlando

10. Get scalloped or cloud nails in 3 easy steps.
manicure10 1
manicure10 2
Nailed It! 23 Diagrams For Amazing Manicures At HomeNailed It! 23 Diagrams For Amazing Manicures At HomeNailed It! 23 Diagrams For Amazing Manicures At Home
via Nail Side

11. Use a sponge for an ombre manicure.

12. Cornstarch creates the perfect matte finish.

13. Use tape to create geometric patterns like these two toned nails with glossy and matte polish.
via Gleam It Up

14. Thin tape can be used for more intricate patterns.
via Instagram / @vanessa_carinaa

15. Tape is also great for a traditional French mani.
via Forever 21

16. Or use reinforcement stickers to guide you. Change up your French manicure with neon polish.
via Happy House and Home

17. Mix different amounts of white nail polish with your favorite shade for a fade effect.
via Creating Laura

18. A fan brush creates layered stripes.
via Beautylish

19. Sharpies are perfect for lettering or small designs.
via Lyndar The Merciless

20. Use a metallic Sharpie on black or white polish.
The Beauty Department

21. If you aren’t comfortable drawing a design freehand, use metallic leaf for designs.
via The Beauty Department

22. Bobby pins make perfect polka dots.
via Doodlebug

23. Keep your cuticles healthy with this DIY cuticle oil.
via Julep

Courtesy: AuntyAcid

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