Healthy Pancakes Using Only Two Ingredients

For those of you with dietary restrictions or who don’t like complicated recipes, this tutorial demonstrates how to make delicious pancakes using only two ingredients. Since these pancakes are just made of bananas and eggs, they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and according to the video are also low-calorie. The process for making them is simple as well—all you have to do is mash the banana and eggs together until they reach the desired consistency, then fry them like normal pancakes. She uses coconut oil in the video, but she also mentions that extra virgin olive oil can serve as a substitute.
While the simplicity of this recipe is nice, we think that it might be fun to experiment with these pancakes by adding vanilla extract or cinnamon. It might also be worth trying to leave some banana bits intentionally less mashed so that there are some nice chunks in the batter.

Courtesy: BlogilatesTV

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