Coconut Ginger Meatball Soup

As promised, here is my favorite go to soup – to keep on hand for those days that I don’t have time to cook, don’t know what to cook, or simply don’t feel like cooking. I like to pre-make a … Continue reading

Delicious Dairy Free Toasted Coconut Butter

Toasted Coconut Butter. This is my new addiction. As is, coconut butter is delicious and super easy to make. But, then I decided to toast the coconut first and see what happened. What came out was a nutty, creamy, spreadable … Continue reading

Metabolism Boosting Coconut Oil Coffee

This may not surprise you, but I put coconut oil in my coffee. It’s delicious! But I don’t do it just for it’s yummy-ness. Coconut oil gives me Super-Mama Powers! For realz. Coconut oil gives me a boost in energy and … Continue reading

Pre-workout Snacks

Apple Slices and Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip Apple Slices and Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip Mix nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt with peanut butter and cinnamon to make an extra creamy dip that goes well with apple slices (use one medium apple) … Continue reading

Beauty tricks using Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many health benefits like night time anti aging treatment, make up remover, moisturizing body scrub, natural deodorant, cold sores, lip balm, bath oil, rash smoother, frizz fighter, aromatherapy, soften dry elbows, insect repellent, bee sting soother, prevent … Continue reading