30 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

It’s a sandwich that doesn’t need much improvement, but when you do decide to go the extra mile…the results can be ABSURDLY good.
1. Loaded nachos, grilled cheese-ified.
1 cheese sandwich
So gooey, so delicious, sooo many flavors…

2. Grilled cheese version of a baked potato.
2 cheese sandwich
Who wants to bother with all that tin foil business? All the same glorious taste with less of the hassle.

3. Balsamic grilled cheese + BLUEBERRY
3 cheese sandwich
It’s a lot of sweet and a lot of savory, and they sing together in perfect harmony.

4. Grilled cheese with avocado and a little pomegranate.
4 cheese sandwich
People are sleeping on pomegranate but it pairs EXTREMELY well with many cheeses and avocado.

5. Grilled cheeseroni
5 cheese sandwich
As long as you’re not afraid of a few carbs, this might end up being the best meal of your life.

6. Simple brilliance with an avocado BLT.
6 cheese sandwich
The addition of avocado makes an already delicious sandwich even better.

7. Cranberry and brie cheese, grilled.
7 cheese sandwich
We all deserve some of the finer things.

8. Lobster grilled cheese
8 cheese sandwich
And if you hold your ears up close to this sandwich, you can hear the ocean…

9. What’s the next best thing to a trip to Hawaii? A Hawaiian grilled cheese.
9 cheese sandwich
A little pineapple and ham goes a long way!

10. Grilled cheese caprese
10 cheese sandwich
Feel free to mix it up with some nonconventional pestos, like arugula pesto.

11. Pretzel and bacon grilled cheese because why not!?
11 cheese sandwich
Seriously what are you doing if you’re NOT eating this???

12. Lasagna grilled cheese
12 cheese sandwich
This one’s a little bougier so we’ve included the recipe here.

13. Grilled cheese with pulled pork
13 cheese sandwich
This is actually the sandwich of champions. Choose any cheese you want it is going to taste RIDICULOUSLY good.

14. Jalapeño grilled cheese
14 cheese sandwich
It’s a jalapeño popper in sandwich form. Jalapeño, cheese and tortilla chips… BOOM.

15. Grilled cheese Cubano
15 cheese sandwich
Mustard, ham, pork, pickles, mayo, olive oil, swiss cheese… just like a real Cubano!

16. White pizza in a sandwich.
16 cheese sandwich
Ever had white pizza before? It’s garlic-y goodness. Make it as you would any other pizza flavored thing but with the addition of even MORE garlic, ricotta cheese and there’s no need for marinara sauce or meat of any kind.

17. Balsamic grilled cheese + veggies
17 cheese sandwich
This one is extra fun because you can be liberal with whatever veggies/however many you want.

18. Buffalo chicken grilled cheese (shoutout to Buffalo, NY!)
18 cheese sandwich
Got chicken? Got hot sauce? Got bleu cheese? BOOM.

19. Eggplant Parmesan grilled cheese
19 cheese sandwich
It makes the world’s most delicious vegetarian dish just a little bit better by making it a grilled cheese sandwich.

20. Dill Harvati grilled cheese with avocado and asparagus.
20 cheese sandwich
It’s actually pretty healthy! Not that it matters when it comes to amazing grilled cheese…

21. Grilled cheese with spinach and artichoke, preferably piled this high.
21 cheese sandwich
Anyone who has ever had spinach and artichoke dip knows this sandwich is destined for greatness.

22. This crazy amazing thing called Dulce de Leche with Mascarpone grilled cheese
22 cheese sandwich
Dulce de Leche is actually a carefully sweetened milk (and it literally translates to sweet milk) and it resembles a chocolate-y caramel sauce. This just looks INSANE.

23. The best type of guacamole ever (AKA bacon + guacamole) grilled cheese
23 cheese sandwich
This is probably the most delicious savory treat known to mankind.

24. Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese!
24 cheese sandwich
You can really make this however you want it, but all we ask is you do yourself a favor and go heavy on the parmesan cheese.

25. The world’s most natural combination—apple and brie—plus that wonderful food that adds deliciousness to everything it touches: bacon.
25 cheese sandwich
It’s the champagne of grilled cheeses.

26. Cream cheese and Nutella grilled cheese…you’re welcome.
26 cheese sandwich.jpeg
We know we had you at “Nutella.”

27. Italy’s finest (mozzarella, prosciutto and kale)
27 cheese sandwich.jpeg
If you’ve ever had mozzarella and prosciutto together you know there’s nothing that can compare. Add some healthy kale in there and you have yourself one phenomenal sandwich.

28. Grilled cheese FRIES. That’s right…fries.
28 cheese sandwich
What more do we even need to say here?

29. Green Goddess Grilled Cheese, for the health nuts!
29 cheese sandwich.jpeg
Avocado? Check. Mozzarella and goat cheese? Check. Parsley, kale and chive pesto? Check. Spinach leaves? Double check.

30. Fried chicken and waffles: The grilled cheese version.
30 cheese sandwich
You don’t need anything else for breakfast, ever again.

Courtesy: Lifehack/Dose

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