Decoupaged Terra cotta pots


I am adding bright spring colors to my home decor, hoping that will bring Spring here sooner. I am so ready to put away my winter clothes and I am SO ready to wear my light blazers and flats.

Oh joy.

Today I will show you a quick tutorial of how you can make these pretty decoupaged terra cotta pots.

We went to Florida in February and we stop to pick oranges on a really fun orange farm. The boys and we enjoyed picking oranges and playing around on the farm. The oranges that we ate there were absolutely phenomenal. They seriously had the best oranges, ever! We loved them so much that we took some oranges home and hub decided to plant those seeds so we can grow those yummy oranges…Yeah…I can’t wait to see those oranges:-) I am not very optimistic that we will ever see oranges here.:-)

So there were plenty of seeds and my hub germinated them and once the seeds were split he put them in these plain terra-cotta pots, he marked each pot and put them out to the window. I couldn’t stand anymore how ugly it looked, so I decided to pretty those pots a little to display them in my dining room until the nicer weather gets here and the they grow out this small pot.


I had some pretty decorative napkins that my sweet friend left for me when she moved back to Hungary and I decided to use to some of those pretty napkins to decoupage these plain pots.


Materials needed for the project:

– pretty decorative napkins ( possibly with patterns or shapes that you can cut out )

– mod podge

– paint brush

– paint ( acrylic paint would totally work)


Decoupaged-terra-cotta-pots-2 (1)

It was so super easy to do and I am really loving my “new” pots.

1.First I painted my pots.I used Martha Stewart chalk paint for the yellow pots and regular acrylic paint for the white pot.

2. I let the paint completely dry.

3.While the paint was drying, I cut out my pretty flowers shape from the napkin.

4.Mod podged the napkin and slowly smoothed it on the pot.

5.Sealed the whole pot with a coat of mod podge.


Yep. Simple is that my friends!


My pots look absolutely fabulous now.



So what are you waiting for?

Find some gorgeous napkins and get decoupaging! So easy and the I bet for anything that you will love the result.

Now I am waiting for my oranges to grow:-)



Courtesy: placeofmytaste

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