Hand painted bottles

When it comes to being frugal and stylish, there is nothing quite like being able to reuse something you already have in new and exciting ways–low cost and fabulous all in one. Today’s DIY is all about that. Take something you have, give it a couple of brush strokes in your favorite color, and there you have something fresh to add to your decor.

I chose blue-ish, cool colors to work with since they are my favorite. And with Spring here, thoughts of open windows, warm breezes, and blue skies are filling up my head. Sort of…costal. And remember these?


My fun little milk bottles from Target that I used for some quick Valentine’s Day decor? Those are the bottles getting new life. I just peeled off the letters (they were on there with hot glue so they came clean pretty easily) and added paint (that I already had, mind you).


To get the effect here, simply paint on a layer of your chosen color at the bottom. Wipe of excess paint from the brush, then dry brush upward (from the bottom) using a light hand. Let it sit for a couple minutes then repeat, painting on a layer of your chosen color at the bottom. Let that dry for a minute and dry brush upward again, to just below where you painted the first time.



It is as easy and as low-cost as that! Too bad I haven’t seen these little bottles in the Target Dollar Spot recently. They are such great little bottles to have for any use, any occasion. Next time they are there I might have to buy them all! Have a great day!

Courtesy: Circusberry


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