DIY clorox free cloth wipes

UN-Clorox Your Clorox Wipes
add rolled rags
I did a post on some home made cleaning wipes awhile back. I was not completely satisfied with them however. In fact, I didn’t even get them used up before they went moldy on me. I love the idea however, of having them all ready to go. It is just so darn convenient. So this week I gave them another try. I once saw a pin on Pinterest that I wish I could find again. It made me laugh out loud. Not the idea itself, per se, but the idea of me actually doing it. It involved sewing matching sets of some sort of cute cleaning fabric in perfectly matching squares, then adding snaps to them so you can roll them up, place them gently in a container, add your detergent and you are ready to clean the world: Green Style. I hope it worked for this gal. And for all those who pinned it. I mean no disrespect, but come on! Who has the time to make them let alone snap and re-snap after laundering. Sorry, not for me. The concept of reusable wipes all ready to go is a great concept to me, so I did it according to my level of cutesy craftsy which on a scale of one to 10 is a negative 3.

I haphazardly (without even measuring) cut up some old T-shirts into shapes that resemble squares.

lay rags out

Then I laid them on top of one another so they were just overlapping.
roll them up
Then I rolled them up, leaving a little corner of the first one out so it would be easy to pull out.
add rolled rags

Next, I placed them in an old Clorox tube. I couldn’t resist, so I pulled them all out one by one to see if it would work. It did, kinda. Then I shook my head at myself because was all that work really necessary?
stuff the rags in
I think not! I just stuffed them in the tube, added my solution, gave it a shake and called it good.

disinfectant wipes

It could not be easier. No cutting paper towel rolls in half. No struggling to get the tube in the middle out. Just a few rags and the simplest ingredients make this my kind of project.

Clorox Free Clorox Wipes
1 Cup of water
8 drops of lemon essential oil
2 T white vinegar
Several old rags that can be cut in to any shape you want. I like squares myself.
Stuff the rags in any old container with a lid. A Mason Jar would be best as lemon tends to corrode plastic. Add your solution, give it a shake.

I used them right away to clean my table. Since it didn’t have anything too nasty or sticky today, I simply rinsed the rag off and stuffed it back into the tube. Try that with those fancy schmancy snappy wipes.

Courtesy: MyLampisFull

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