Birds on a branch silhouette painting


I started out by grabbing a screenshot of the Pinterest inspiration and printed it off and used that as my template. I scored some lines on the picture to give me a better feel of placement on the canvas since I would need to draw freehand.

I used Americana acrylic paints for this project. Here are the colors that I used:

  • Warm White
  • Light Buttermilk
  • Flesh Tone
  • Butterscotch
  • Traditional Raw Sienna
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Black


I started by painting the canvas with Light Buttermilk then softening the center with Warm White. I wanted it to have a little texture in the middle so I used a household sponge, applied the paint a little heavy, and dragged the sponge through in a criss cross type pattern.


I used the sponge for the entire background starting with Flesh Tone. Just dabbed it here and there, really random but following the frame of the inspiration photo. Next I used Traditional Raw Sienna, dragging and blending with the sponge, just until I liked how it looked. For the highlights, mostly at the top with some at the bottom, I used Butterscotch. As you can see from the paint in the pie tin I was not concerned about my colors touching each other, in fact it’s good to have them mix a little. It adds to the flow and dimension of your painting.s


I darkened the corner and edges with Dark Chocolate and finished off the edge shading with Black. Once the paint was dry I sketched on the main outline of the branches and the birds.


The rest is really easy. It’s just black, so use a long liner brush to add all the branches and the outline of the birds. Fill in the birds with a flat brush. Use the liner to add smaller branches and simple leaves.


That really is it! I hope you like it and that you found these instructions helpful. 🙂


Courtesy: CraftsbyAmanda

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