Homemade Orange Gatorade


First off… Why ditch sports drinks?

Here are five reasons to ditch the sports drinks for good!

Sports drinks that you can find in the store are loaded with refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup. They have almost as much sugar as soda!! Think the diet varieties are a better option? Think again! They are loaded with artificial sweeteners that can cause all sorts of issues.

Along with the electrolytes that are included in sports drinks, you will also find artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. None of these are food and none of these belong in your body. Their only role is to create a flavor and appeal that is simply missing from the product. These ingredients certainly don’t replace electrolytes.

There is a LOT of processed salt in these products. This is understandable because these drinks are designed to replace the sodium lost during high intensity exercise. I would like to stress “high intensity exercise” here because if you are only working out at a moderate level and are not sweating profusely, these drinks can do more harm than good.

The acidic nature of sports drinks can be very damaging to teeth. The citric acid present in the product softens tooth enamel, and your dentist probably wouldn’t be too happy about that.
For most people these sports drinks are useless. The average person exercising most likely isn’t performing at a vigorous intensity for longer than an hour. In this case, a drink of water would be more beneficial than any sports drink.

Grounded Nutrition has come up with an easy to make healthy alternative. You can make this ahead of time and store it in the fridge. We recommend consuming 1-2 cups before your workout, 1/2-1 cup during and 1 cup afterward. Our Homemade Orange Gatorade is full of life, enzymes, electrolytes and hydration. Kids love it, so please pack it in their water bottles before sports activities or take it to the gym with you!

gatorade 2

Homemade Orange Gatorade: Sugar free and no artificial coloring

• 1 cup fresh/ packaged coconut water
• 6-8 oranges juiced
• 1/2 lemon juiced
• 1 T maple syrup, honey, or coconut sap sugar (optional)

1. Juice oranges and lemon with a citrus juicer or your hands
2. Add in coconut water
3. Add sweetener if using
4. Shake everything up in a large mason jar.
5. Best to drink the day of making but should store in fridge (not sure how long, we haven’t tested it yet!).

Courtesy: Grounded Nutrition

– See more at: http://www.groundednutrition.com/living-recipes/homemade-orange-gatorade/#sthash.rVuVSf2u.dpuf

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